Every Wednesday we teachers go out to lunch. It’s a lovely, though financially and calorically expensive, tradition. Every Wednesday for the past month, I’ve been passing by Nothing Bundt Cakes drooling over their seasonal flavor: Peanut Butter Chocolate. Each week I’ve been saying, “I have to go in and get that flavor,” and each week I skip it.

This week we went to lunch right next door, so I scarfed down my lunch (in a totally classy and graceful way) and ran over to get my bundt. Surprise… they have a NEW seasonal flavor. Bummer.

“Oh, I missed the peanut butter chocolate,” I said to the counter person, frowning and destitute.

“Actually… we have ONE more bundlet left. Would you like it?” “YES!”

Click, click click, she’s ringing me up and…

“Do you have a punch card?”

“I didn’t even know they existed!”

“Well how many times have you been in here?” “More than today!” I said laughing.

“Well, then I’ll punch your card four times, so you’re one third of the way there.”

I can’t tell you how much I wanted to kiss that woman. And I would have, too if I wasn’t so excited about digging my fork into the cakes (yes, I bought their newest seasonal flavor, too) (Strawberries and Cream... ) I’d just bought.

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