SOLC#13: Little Baby Signposts

I have been working on teaching the Notice and Note Signposts with the second graders I work with in the whole group setting. I was not sure about how that would go because the lessons in the books are geared towards fourth through high school. I was worried they wouldn’t really understand the signposts or that the thinking I was asking them to do would be too deep or that the books I would be reading with them wouldn’t have the rich language and context that would really get them thinking about their reading.

I’ve taught them four signposts so far (I’ll be teaching a fifth by the end of the year) and these students are doing GREAT!

I’m in their classrooms once a week for thirty minutes. So I usually spend 4-6 weeks introducing and practicing the signposts with them in interactive read alouds. I found a great teacher’s blog who gave examples of picture books to use for these examples and used some of my own ideas. At the end of that introductory session, I give them a writing assignment that asks them to identify a signpost in one of their independent reading books. Sometimes this is a bit of a challenge - students often tell me they don’t have ANY examples of that signpost, but guess what? We always find one together! I also tell them they can use an example from the books we’ve read whole group. So there’s really no excuse.

I was apprehensive about sharing the work they were doing because I wasn’t totally sure I was making the right choice or that I had the consistency to make it effective, but I have been so pleased with the results!

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