SOLC#11: Love Languages


I know we usually think of this as a “Love Language” (check out the book if you haven’t already), but another book I’m reading now refers to them as “Appreciation Languages” instead. And I like that a whole lot more because now I can apply this beyond my (non existent) love life and into my work life. We all want to be appreciated, right? And it’s important to understand how other people navigate this crazy world and find appreciation. As an aspiring leader, I want to make sure I understand how people want to be appreciated (Is it a nice note? A donut? Helping plan a lesson? A hug? Time to talk and vent?).

I passed out books for my book study and I included a bookmark in each one with the dates of the meetings listed and the chapters I’m asking teachers to have read for each date. It wasn’t really anything too special - I just know I would have appreciated that if I were them. But let me tell you - these teachers felt appreciated and they told me!

“You’re so organized! Thank you!” (+1 Affirmation for ME!)

“And it’s on nice paper!” (+1 Gifts for YOU!)

“When did you do this?” (+1 Quality Time for… Well I guess myself, but FOR US!)

It made my day and put a smile on my face. I like making things easier for people - especially when they’re doing something to help me look good (haha - not really. They want to learn.).

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