SLOC#10: Vacation!

This winter has been LONG and COLD and I feel like I have never been colder in my life. I also feel like I will never be warm again. I also feel like I am done with winter and want to move to the center of the sun. I also asked my Facebook friends if you could sunburn to death because I feel that it’s the way I want to go. The jury’s still out…

After Christmas, with a little extra cash from my dear devoted parents, I decided to get out of this polar vortex and get to a beach. For my mental health. And the mental health of those around me who keep hearing me complain about how COLD I am.

Unfortunately, I didn’t really have enough money to head out on my own, so I went to Facebook (I do that a lot) to spark some interest and see if I could find some sucker to go with me. I was successful! A friend of a friend (who I have hung out with a few times) was in. I knew she was a good traveller and based on our quick discussion about really wanting to just lay on the beach and not go on any excursions, I felt we’d be OK.

But I was nervous. I would be spending many days alone with this person, in a hotel room, matching each other’s schedules and habits, and maybe having to be “on” the whole time. I can be a playful person, but I’m mostly an introvert, so being in a social situation for that long with a new person could turn out to be more exhausting than restorative. And I know I tend to get antsy when things don’t go my way… yikes.

What a great trip it turned out to be. She and and did a good job of trying to match up what we wanted to do together with what we were fine doing separately. We ate together because I didn’t really care what we ate and lots of time she went off to join a group to play volleyball while I read books on the beach. We checked in with each other, shared our ideas, and figured out what we wanted to do. For the most part, it was a really easy trip. In fact, I want to make it an annual event because I KNOW I’m going to be scrambling to get away next winter, too.

And maybe next time I’ll just take a stranger off the street. ;)

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