SOLC#9: Signposts

I have a short one for you today. But it was very meaningful.

I met with the fourth grade team today with our school psychologist and administrators to talk about our Tier 2 and 3 students (check in on progress, add anyone to a list, get extra information, etc.). I noticed that the teachers had anchor charts in their class for the Notice and Note Signposts and my students told me they were learning them with their teachers. I asked, “Do you guys teach these every year?” I was thinking it would be a good opportunity for me to pre-teach my readers before they start teaching them in the spring. TRANSFER!

But the teacher said, “No. This is the first year. I started looking into them after your interview.”

I started blushing right away. She was one of the teachers in my interview for this position way back in July. She said that I had spoken so highly about the Signposts that she wanted to know more and now the WHOLE TEAM is teaching them to their students. Could I be anymore proud and excited?

We influence people with our passion everyday even if we don’t notice. What if they’d had a better candidate and I never got hired? I wouldn’t have known that she was taking something that I talked about and applying it to her practice. It’s important to share what we know and speak to our strengths in life and in interviews. Sometimes vulnerability is about being confident in what you do and sharing that with others.

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