SOLC#6: New Friends

My friend made me be social again…

A couple of weeks ago, she told me about a teacher meet up for LGBTQ teachers and allies. I said sure (sounds fun, why not), but as the date approached, I felt a little more worried about showing up. Sometimes I love hanging out with teachers and meeting new people, but there’s always the chance that everything will go horribly wrong. Right?

I’ll be honest. I wasn’t in the best mood that day because I had been having boy trouble (WHAT’S NEW?). I needed to get out of the house, though, and it was nice putting on makeup, curling my hair, and picking an outfit in which I felt confident.

Through some surreptitious stalking, we found the hosts at the end of the bar and joined their table. Shortly after, the bar filled not only with our group but with many other patrons waiting to see a drag show and socialize. Sitting right next to me was a vivacious and funny girl talking about how she loved to meet teachers because she always had something to talk about. She seemed dedicated to her profession but didn’t take herself to seriously. She was cute and fun. I liked her.

My friend and I started talking to a few other people and I got separated from the first girl. I found myself looking for her in the bar to make sure she hadn’t left. At one point, I turned to my friend and said, “I like her. I want to be her friend. Should we go talk to her? What do I say?” Luckily the friend I came with is less socially awkward than I am and just said, “Ask her for her IG. Duh!” After standing near her creepily while she talked to someone else, I got a conversation going. I sort of blacked out, so I don’t know what I said, but I DO know that it ended with us connecting via the gram and becoming LIFELONGFRIENDSFOREVER.

Here’s the thing. I wouldn’t have gone to the meetup OR had the courage to make those connections if it weren’t for my friend. She helped me to see the power of vulnerability and look where it has gotten me. Taking risks and chasing butterflies (more on that later) is putting a smile on my face.

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