SOLC#4: Yikes...

I’m a little gross.

I’m probably a lot gross about many different things, but there’s this one thing I do that I know is super gross, but I can’t. stop. doing. it.

At school (don’t tell) when I’m refreshing my lipstick in the mirror (don’t ask how in two different buildings, I’ve still ended up with a full length mirror in my classroom), and I have to make a correction, I sometimes end up with some lipstick on my finger.

But every time (EVERY TIME) I wipe the extra lipstick *on the wall*. And as I’m wiping it *on the wall*, I think, this is so gross. Yet, I still do it. I don’t do it at home. I don’t do it in public restrooms. Why do I wipe the extra lipstick on my classroom wall? What am I thinking?

Don’t worry - I start to feel guilty every once in a while and wipe everything down with Clorox wipes, which, for a little while, makes me feel OK about my choices. Just until the next time I need to make sure my pout is perfect.

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