Slice of Life Challenge... Already Behind....

I was supposed to start on March 1, but I didn't. Haha. I'm starting today.

I’m trying this Slice of Life Challenge with a friend of mine in order to try to get myself writing again. I’ve missed a lot of opportunities to write and used the excuse that I’m busy or what I have to write about isn’t that interesting or important. It’s important to me to be a reflective person and educator and this blog was my outlet for that for a long time. I would come and go, but I always came back. This past year has been a turbulent one for me both professionally and personally and I think I allowed myself to wallow a bit and hide away instead of trying to be vulnerable.

The Slice of Life Challenge is my chance to be vulnerable. I’ve learned a lot about vulnerability and how beneficial it can be for me and I’d like to share stories this month about that. Some will be about my personal life (quite a few of them I’m sure) and some will be about my professional life and all I’ve been learning lately. Each post will have a theme of vulnerability. I hope. ;)

I hope you will appreciate a departure from the expected and join me on a chance to share some truths, insights, mistakes, reflections, laughs, and changes.

(And thank you to my dear friend who is making me do this and is probably right for doing so.)

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