Kindergarten Partnerships

What fun I had in Ms. Christopherson's kindergarten class helping students work on their partner stories. I went in on the first day of writing (partners had been matched and they had agreed on a topic). The students were sharing the page, each adding to their pictures and talking about what should go in their story.

One perfect angel decided that she would write about MEEEEEEEE!

I checked in with each group and asked them questions about their stories and the students told me details about what they had drawn and what would happen. Over the next few days, the students finished the first page, added a second page that went with their story, and added words and a title page. They worked hard! By the time I brought my first graders back to watch the celebration, these kindergarteners were ready to go! They were authors presenting their books to the class. It was so cool to watch.

Thank you for having me, Ms. Christopherson's class! YOU'RE WRITERS!

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