You're Invited to Celebrate

I'm starting to get invitations to join classes in their writing celebrations and I am so excited! I love going into classrooms and seeing proud faces carefully holding their writing and waiting patiently to read to the whole class. Some students are shy when they get to the Author's Chair to read, but their smiles are so big you can tell that they are ready to share their writing. It's an honor to see it all come together for these hard working students.

Mrs. Darrah invited me to her room and when I walked in, I was stunned to find a note from THE Lucy Calkins (not really, but work with me...) on the document camera. She couldn't make it to the celebration, but she was so excited to hear about it the next time she called to talk to Mrs. Darrah. :)

After each student read their work (with a little help from the teacher), they got a special writing award, which Mrs. Darrah attached to their finished work. The students beamed and took bows. HAPPY WRITING CELEBRATION DAY!

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