Writing Tips!

My favorite thing in the whole wide world is a good idea.

and french fries.

But MOSTLY good ideas.

In a meeting with the kindergarten team recently, one of the teachers was talking about how she confers with her students and I loved her idea! She said she'll sit with a higher level student at her table and confer with that student and then she has two students "in a queue" sitting in chairs at the table. They are simply waiting for their turn to confer with Mrs. Darrah. BUT, while they're waiting, they are actually getting to hear another student's conference and listen in on good writing tips, learn about writing from another student and story, and figure out that ALL writers have things they can work on.

Even though the students-in-waiting aren't required to listen in or contribute, Mrs. Darrah has found that their motivation for writing has increased and they're applying some skills into their own writing. HOORAY!

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