Shadow Puppets!

I read the National Geographic Young Explorer magazines with my second graders (they're awesome!). Each issue comes with a teacher edition which includes a poster with additional information on two of the articles. Today, we read an article all about shadows and talked about why we don't see shadows at night. They were excited to learn more about something with which they already had some background knowledge.

After we finished the article, I pulled out the poster which showed different shadow puppets and how to make them with your hands. Just like my origami lesson a few days ago, this was a chance for students to practice their comprehension skills with a visual text. Even better, as they started working, they were helping one another make corrections based on TEXT EVIDENCE from the poster. They went back to the poster to refine their hand placements and helped one another get it right. They had so much fun making shadow puppets on the projector, they couldn't stop smiling.

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