What is happening here?

As usual, the students entered my classroom this morning and picked up Chromebooks in order to get started working on Raz-kids while I progress monitor them. These students are new to Ra-kids (it's maybe the fourth time they've used it in our group), they are very familiar with navigating Chromebooks and the other program that we have used in the past (Abcmouse, Starfall, etc.).

Today, as I was walking around to check to make sure they were getting where they needed to go, one students sat staring at a black screen. The computer wasn't on. But he just stared at it. There was no attempt to solve the problem or indicate to me that there even was a problem. He just sat. I tried to talk him through solving the problem and then gave him the next few steps as I backed away and kept setting up.

Then two other students sat staring at the password screen. Just staring. They weren't asking friends for the password or asking me. They just stopped and stared at the screen. Again, I talked them through solving the problem.

Finally, just now the student with the blank screen was sitting and staring at the search page on Google taking no steps to get where he needed to go. I asked a student sitting next to him to help him get to the right page while I navigated to my own set up. When I checked back, the helper seemed done and I asked if everything was set up. The helper just pointed to the screen - no words. "What's going on?" I asked. "I don't know this part." I scooted my chair over to figure out he was stuck on the password screen, too. I gave the password and finally everyone was busily moving through the stories and quizzes.

I'm confused. Is it a lack of language for solving a problem? Is it a lack of motivation? Is it a lack of lessons in self-advocacy? I'm not really sure how to address this need without an understanding of from where the issue stems.

What are your thoughts or suggestions? Is this something you face as well?

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