Cleaning Up Our Writing

I have really loved working in a first grade classroom everyday for writing. The kids are writing great stories, they’re using the strategies we teach, and pointing out small moments when they happen! It’s really awesome to watch. One student recently said, “Every minute is a small moment!”

I want to take a quick moment to give a shout out to Mrs. Cooper (their teacher) for being open to my intrusion into her classroom for writing. She’s taught me a lot about working with first graders in a whole group setting. She’s also helped me learn about co-planning and co-teaching, which has made me a better teacher. Thanks, girl!

This week, our students are getting ready for their writing celebration so we’re “fancying up” our writing to make it ready for publication. I taught the students about editing using the “My Editing Checklist” guide. I made an anchor chart with pictures and color and made a smaller version for them to tape to each page when they’ve edited. I didn’t like the resources I found through the WUOS website, so I made my own! Feel free to use it if you’d like!

Click the picture above to get a copy of the Checklist.

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