I am so proud of myself for making it through 20 days of summer school writing a post EACH DAY! It was helpful to have a plan for what to write each day and follow a template. I also set aside time each morning to get started and get the basis of my post down. Time is always a killer during the school year, but I want to make a concerted effort to do more this year. I'll be trying interactive notebooks, so that will be a good way to put out what I'm doing and ask for help and advice! Hooray!

A couple of days ago, I mentioned that one of my students was writing her own version of Jon Klassen's "hat" series. She's calling it This Doesn't Look Like My Hat and it's about a bear who takes a bee's hat and thinks he's going to make it home, BUT THAT BEE FIGURES IT OUT! She did such a good job of using Klassen's books as inspiration for her own writing. The even cooler part about this is that this student came here two years ago speaking NO ENGLISH. I am so excited for her accomplishments!

Our Morning Message today is just a happy note about the last day and how proud I am of these students. We're going to read a story about trusting others, but I really just wanted to end our time together with a positive note on how they've grown in the last four weeks.

Writer's Workshop: We're not going to have Writer's Workshop today because IT'S THE LAST DAY! We're going to go enjoy being outside and have some fun!

Reader's Workshop: We're also not REALLY going to have Reader's Workshop today, but I am going to read a book about trust with the students. I learned about this book from a girl in my graduate program. She made mini things... like mini food and mini animals. She had an Etsy shop, but it's empty now. She's gotten married and had two kids since then, so I think she's busy! She loved this story because it was about a little girl who loved mini things (just like she did!) and it also taught a really good lesson. I'm so glad she introduced it! I love it and I shared it with our school for a literacy "event" last year. Each primary classroom got a copy to read to the class and then the students each got to take the book home to read with family and the students all signed their classroom copies. It was a great program to show ownership of a book and the lessons learned from the book. It's a great last day book!

What Miss Bolte is Reading: I finished my book yesterday at the pool! Now I will wait (not so) patiently for the show to air! Last night, I started Preacher and I am not disappointed. It's taking a different path than the show, but I can understand why based on the difference in how a comic book tells a story and how a TV show tells a story. This would be an excellent discussion in a high level high school or college class!

I have really enjoyed writing about what my students were doing this summer and I'm glad I've been able to keep up my goal of writing each day. Now it's time for a break and for REAL SUMMER to begin!

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