Is That an Oasis?

I'm walking through the desert... I've got no water... I've been walking for days... I'm delirious and confused...

Suddenly - up ahead - I see buildings. I hear cars. I just know it's not a mirage but the heat waves are blurring my view.

I stumble closer and closer and realize I have only one day's journey until I reach it... The sweet release of summer freedom. My heart starts beating faster, my mouth salivates, and a smile cracks my dried lips.

OK. Yes. I'm dramatic. Each day my alarm has gone off this summer, I've been frustrated and annoyed. Here's the problem with summer school. It's fun! But I still don't want to wake up each day. The kids are funny and excited! But I would still rather be in my hammock by myself. It's only three hours! But it's the first three hours of the day. So yes. I'm very excited about the end of summer school while still being excited about the great work my students are doing.

Yesterday, while I was on Facebook, a friend of mine posted her workout for the day. She's a personal trainer, so I knew it'd be a good workout. She did four rounds in 45 minutes and when I looked at it, I was SURE I wouldn't be able to manage anywhere close to that if I even made it through four rounds. But I still tried. I modified a couple of moves because of my knees and I was surely using lighter weights than she had, but I MADE IT! I got through 4 rounds in 45 minutes! I pushed myself to use the heaviest weights I could manage and keep my form so that I could challenge my body and I tried to stay focused to keep up my pace. I get so excited to see what I'm actually capable of doing with this body and it's always great to realize that my brain doesn't always know what my body can do!

We're talking about trusting oneself today. It's something that I'm not so great at as evidenced by my example above. I have, however, been working on this for a long time and slowly have changed my brain from "No way," to "I'll try." It took time and a LOT of distress, but I'm a much happier person when I trust myself and try. Even if I fail, I am always so proud of myself for making an effort. This takes a lot of self-reflection, so I'm not sure how the conversation is going to go today with the kids, but I think at least sharing my examples might be a good way to set a tone and reference for them.

Writer's Workshop: It's another fairy tale story! The Jolly Postman was one of my favorites growing up and I owned the book as a kid. Somewhere along the way it left my possession, but when I became a teacher, I knew I would want to use it! I bought it for myself and I have loved it all over again. It's a really cute story about a postman who delivers letters to different fairy tale characters throughout the kingdom. I like the way the authors weave the stories and relationships together. AND THERE'RE REAL, PULL-OUT LETTERS! Opening mail as an adult is never as fun as it seems when you're a kid, so this is a lovely chance to "receive" some good mail!

Reader's Workshop: Another biography of me! How exciting! This story is called Scaredy Squirrel and it's about a squirrel that's too scared of life around him to do squirrel stuff. At one point he makes a mistake that leads him to realizing he's much more capable than he realized and he starts to try other things he was too scared to do before. It's a lighthearted story, but another example of trusting oneself that I will connect with my own examples from our Morning Message discussion.

What Miss Bolte is Reading: There may be a pool day happening today... which means lots of reading! I made it to page 474 last night which was a little short of my goal, but I had tutoring right after school and then I worked out for a while, so that was three hours of my day that I couldn't just read. Life always gets in the way, doesn't it?

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