Two More Wake Ups!

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a few things online. I order things online all the time. That's no big deal. One order was from Old Navy and said it wouldn't be here until this Friday, which is tricky because I'm only at school until 11:30 and if I stay until the package arrives I will surely be made fun of. Another order was from Hautelook and they don't usually ship until the sale ends, which can be weeks, and a third order was for a bathing suit top which was backorderd until July 17th. I'm generally an impatient person, but when I have access to online shopping and specifically Amazon Prime, I'm always annoyed when orders take longer than a week to arrive! This morning I received my Old Navy order at work (HOORAY FOR EARLY DELIVERY!) and I got shipping confirmation on the other two orders. AND SUMMER SCHOOL IS ALMOST OVER! I'm a happy lady, for sure!

I have a list of four things to start my day about being happy and today, our journal topic happens to be a list of things that make you happy!! Serendipity! Perhaps I should plan out positive journal topics for life because they seem to be having a direct impact on my daily life. Is that a business? Predictive Journaling? My friend Marisa would be telling me to go on Shark Tank right now!

Our Morning Message today focuses on how we've helped each other so far in summer school. I'm asking them to think of how they've helped someone else and how someone has helped them. My goal is mindfulness. If we're more thoughtful about how we've been helped and how we help others, we are more likely to notice times in our lives when we can offer more or be more appreciative. Kindness takes effort.

Writer's Workshop: For the next two days, we're going to read some "fractured fairy tales." Today it's a continuation story, The Frog Prince Continued, written by my guy, Jon Scieszka. This falls into a similar category as The True Story of the Three Little Pigs except in this case it's what happens AFTER Happily Ever After. I always love reading this story out loud because of the witch voices.

I have a couple of students using stories we've read to inspire their own writing. One student was working on a sequel to The Dark (here's a link to that post) and I have another student working on a "Hat" story inspired by Jon Klassen's books I Want My Hat Back and This is Not My Hat (I'll get pictures of her work soon!). I will use their work as examples of how students can take stories they already know and build on them to make them their own. Plus the stories are funny and sweet.

Reader's Workshop: Today's book is A) all about reading, B) takes place on Wednesdays (TODAY IS WEDNESDAY!), and C) talks about helping others. I really scored on this pick! The Wednesday Surprise is about a grandmother who comes over to babysit her young granddaughter each Wednesday. It talks about all their adventures and tells you that they have a surprise they're working on for the girl's dad (grandma's son). At the end it is revealed that the little girl SPOILER ALERT has been teaching her grandmother to read every Wednesday and Grandma gets up in front of everyone at dinner and reads a book out loud to them. It's so sweet! The whole time I read it at first I assumed grandma was teaching the little girl, which is cute, but maybe cliche? (I'm really upset there's no accent there...) It's a great book to show students that they are capable of making big changes in the world.

What Miss Bolte is Reading: I'm on page 421 and there are 588 pages. In order to finish by Friday, I will have to read 56 pages a day, which shouldn't be a problem. Fortunately, I do not have an active social life, so I have plenty of time to dedicate to this endeavor. In fact, yesterday, I was in my hammock reading and napping for an embarrassingly large amount of time. And despite my initial disinterest in the story, I have really started to get jazzed about where it's going. (Did you imagine my jazz hands when I said that? If not, go back and re-read that sentence. I think you'll be so much more satisfied if you imagine jazz hands.) I think I need these long dedicated reads to get sucked in!

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