Yesterday I posted on Facebook that I feel more excited about the last week of summer school than I did about the last week of regular school. It's so true! Maybe it's because "real" summer starts now or maybe because my trips and fun plans can begin. Maybe I'm just ready to not wake up to an alarm for a few weeks!

This week, we're talking about putting others first and building trust. I was desperately trying to come up with a good "Random Act of Kindness" that's happened to me for the Morning Message and I super struggled! I have had random acts of kindness bestowed on me before, but I'm having trouble recalling them to memory today. I need to do a better job of tracking my life, I guess! :)

For the closing, I referred back the quote we responded to on Friday, which was

Scatter joy. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The kids were a little bit confused about it at first, but once we talked about it, they got really excited about responding to the quote and sharing with friends. I wanted to bring those ideas back to their minds when we started talking today.

Writer's Workshop: Today I'm going to read the Knuffle Bunny books with the students and show them all three so that they can see an example of a series. We've talked about them before, but this group of stories has a connecting arc that moves the characters over time. It's also a true-ish story, which I think is a good way to start writing a story if you're lost. I also like the choices Mo Willems uses in his capacity as illustrator in these books. He takes photographs and draws cartoon characters on top. The photos are black and white so the drawing stand out. We've talked a little bit about how illustrators sometimes do this to highlight different parts of the drawing or the story.

It goes further because in each story, there is a generous act of kindness (not random). In the first story, Trixie's dad runs her back through the park to get her Knuffle Bunny from the laundromat. In the second he wakes up in the middle of the night to meet another girl and her father to switch the mixed up Knuffle Bunnys. In the third, Trixie ends up giving her Knuffle Bunny to another child who needs it more than she does. It's a really sweet ending to the trilogy.

The students started to notice the repetitive phrases as we read and the arc of the story. They read along with me at parts and laughed at the events.

Reader's Workshop: There's a commercial I thought of when I read the book we're reading today. It's a bank commercial and I am not promoting the bank so just enjoy the commercial and ignore all the ad stuff at the end. There are a million commercials like this because companies like to capitalize on being "nice." This is just the one I saw a billion million times and stuck in my memory.

Ordinary Mary's Extraordinary Deed is all about a girl who performs one random act of kindness at the beginning of the story and ends up affecting people all over the world. I think it's a really good message about how kindness works. It's simple and spreads rapidly.

What Miss Bolte is Reading: American Gods is being turned into a TV show!!! I got so excited when I read an article about this online that I got more excited about my book! It's kind of weird how that works. It's as if when someone else decided it was cool then I decided to change my mind and think it was cool, too. Maybe I'm just a follower? Whatever. I'm reading that today and I'll be heading to the pool later so I'll be reading there, too!

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