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Yup. I've hit a wall.

Each day, I wake up and get ready for work, putting on an outfit that's summery and cute with accessories, my hair done and a smile on my face. Slowly but surely, I've been slacking off and spending less and less time on each of those things resulting in today's lousy attempt at presentability. So. Whatever. It just started to seem like a giant waste of time to get ready for three hours worth of work just to go home and sweat it all off in my workout. And let's be honest, I'll probably take a nap instead.

Today, I'll be talking about disagreements with the students. It's kind of fitting because I've been noticing a group of girls having pretty consistent disagreements throughout summer school each day. There are four girls (I'll call them 1, 2, 3, and 4). 1, 2, 3, and 4 are besties. They chose desks next to each other, they work on projects together, they read the same books and pass them through their group, they hang out on the weekends, and they talk about each other constantly. This week, on Monday, 4 was absent, so 1, 2, and 3 hung out together. They came up to me and asked if they could all move desks and I asked them why? They gave wishy washy answers and I told them we'd talk about it later, knowing FULL WELL that they would change their minds anyway. Tuesday, 4 returns, but is mad at 1, 2, and 3, and they are acting innocent like they have NO IDEA why she's not talking to them. I ask 4 what's going on and why she's separating herself and she says she's fine. 4 comes up to me at ALMOST THE END OF THE DAY and tells me that 2 was laughing at her BEFORE school when she fell and hurt her knee. Did you talk to her about it? Did you tell her you wouldn't treat her that way and it's not OK for her to treat you that way? Do you think you want to talk to her again today or do you want to think about it and come back tomorrow? Tomorrow. Fine. Wednesday comes and now 4 and 2 and INSEPARABLE, 1 is separating herself and totally mad at the others, and 3 asks to move her desk and actually does it. Today they arrive and 4 wants to change desks to sit apart from 1 and 2. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS? This drama is crazier than a reality show! I couldn't make this stuff up!

I'm HOPING that at least a little discussion about this today might help quell some of their issues for maybe ten minutes or so today. Maybe eight minutes.

I just noticed a typo in the Morning Message. Ignore it as I have. I'm beyond repair for today.

Writer's Workshop: I read all these stories about kids who were desperate for pets growing up and their parents always said no. I was very young when my parents got a dog for our family and I was TERRIFIED of her. Apparently I stood on tables and chairs and screamed and cried. It was, however, the first step in my current obsession with dogs. The screaming and crying quickly turned to adoration and over-attention. I loved that dog. When I got an apartment on my own for the first time I was more excited about getting a dog than about living on my own. I follow something like ten dogs on Instagram. I love dog videos. I will buy anything sold by a cute dog and I hate movies in which the dog dies. I'm hooked.

So the story today about Prudence who desperately wants a pet is something I can relate to even though I didn't beg for one as a kid. I chose the book because it's got a lot of humor and is another great example of text placement like our story yesterday. It's also a good example of a disagreement that is resolved in a peaceful way instead of it turning into a giant argument. Prudence makes do with what she has. She also is a great problem solver! When her parents won't get her a pet, she makes pets out of things she finds, including a branch. She's a crafty girl!

Reader's Workshop: I used this book originally when I student taught high school English to sophomores. We were doing a unit on war. I read The Butter Battle Book to them because it's a great way to see how conflicts are fought on two sides by people who both think that they are right, which makes everything very complicated when you're looking at it from the outside. The battle in the book is ridiculous and continues to escalate over time. I think it will be interesting to see what the kids think of this book. They aren't always very aware of the world outside their own lives, so they may not be able to relate this book to a larger scale than at home or school. We'll see!

What Miss Bolte is Reading: I'm going to finish my vocabulary book today and then get started with a deep reading of The Book Thief. I'm working with a girl over the summer on reading comprehension strategies and using the book she was assigned for summer reading. I've read this book before, but I find I read differently when I'm teaching a book as opposed to reading for pleasure. This is also another great example of re-reading for different purposes to show my students.

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