When You Think You've Got it All Figured Out...


I had a harrowing day yesterday that bled into today. I went to get a phone upgrade (hooray!) and transfer my phone to a family member. Simple. I backed up my phone. I backed up her phone. I went to the store and got a shiny new phone for me.

Then I tried to restore my new shiny phone from a previous backup, but it told me I needed to update iTunes. But iTunes was up to date. No problem. I'll just Google this issue. OK, I have to download a new OS. No problem. Oh, that's going to take 700 days? No biggie. I can still talk and text on my shiny new phone so I can live without Facebook for a bit. Oh now I need to reset my Apple ID? Sure! I guess I should change it to my current email address... I restore my old phone to my relative's backup and everything goes well. She's ready to go with her new phone! Hooray! My new OS has downloaded and installed and it's beautiful hooray! I went to restore my new shiny iPhone to a previous backup - the one I did the night before knowing this would be needed, and it's not there. In fact, the only backup that's coming up is a backup from January 2015, a backup from two phones ago! Whatever. I'll manage. Contacts and photos are there from iCloud, so who cares if I have to download new apps and reorganize, right? No problem... Wait - where are my pictures? What the wifi password again? I can't change anything because it's loaded with my old Apple ID and I can't change it because it wants me to put in the password for that Apple ID but I just literally changed it all so I can't do that? And you don't care because you're an inanimate object with no feelings except robot feelings??! WHERE ARE MY PICTURES??!???! AND THE CUBS LOST????

I may have had a bit of a freak out. I may have needed slap in the face. What I got was sage advice. I was told to think it through. I had backed up the photos seconds before, so they existed somewhere. I could call Apple support or go into a store and ask for help. I had options and I needed to calm down so that I could manage the options. Great advice. Didn't wanna hear it. I went to bed to avoid further logical discussions and kept checking different ideas about what could have happened with my phone when suddenly, the pictures appeared! HOOOOORRRRRRRAAAAAYYYYy! Maybe I did need to calm down. Maybe everything would be OK.

Until 5:30 this morning when my alarm went off (from TWO PHONES AGO!), but when I went to disable the alarm, NO ALARMS EXISTED. What is this life? That will be another Google adventure.

I suppose I'm hyper aware of problems and how to solve them based on my theme this week, but I'm still intensely annoyed about my experience from last night.

Writer's Workshop: Today we're reading Imaginary Fred, which is written by Eoin Colfer, famous for the Artemis Fowl Series, and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers, who wrote and illustrated Stuck (and many other things), the book we read last week! FULL CIRCLE! This is a story about an imaginary friend who should fade away when his human friend finds IRL friends. But he isn't fading away!

I chose this book for Writer's Workshop because of the text placement. I just think it's a cool concept to decide where on the page your writing will go instead of just starting in the top left corner as usual. The story also gives us some good conversation starters about friendship and solving problems or mysteries.

Reader's Workshop: Don't you just love this book? When I first read this book, I felt a connection with Vashti. My mom and dad are both artists. My mom works mostly in drawings and watercolor and my dad now works mostly as a sculptor. My mom was also a high school art teacher. I saw examples of amazing artistry my whole life. Even though most people think my drawings are pretty good, I always looked at what other artists, including my parents were doing, and thought, what I'm doing isn't art. What I'm doing is playing around. Vashti doesn't think she can draw at all. Her art teacher tells her to just make a mark on the page. She defiantly makes a dot. To her surprise, however, her art teacher asks her to sign it! From there, she tries to make a little bit better dot and on and on. I appreciate the belief the teacher has in Vashti and the understanding that if Vashti never paints a perfect portrait, she can still be an artist. It's a great story about solving a problem of deciding who you are and what you can do. You can be anything with effort and work.

It reminds me a lot of a story I loved reading as a child by Tomie dePaola called The Art Lesson. Young Tomie wants to draw whatever he wants. His art teacher asks him to do the assignment first and then gives him extra paper so he can draw something on his own. Sometimes what's in you has to come out! ...Now I wish I had this book to read with them, too!

What Miss Bolte is Reading: Same old. Same old. It's taking me a while to get through the "philosophy" part of the book and on to the "action" part of the book. I'll make it. I BELIEVE!

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