Two Things. And Then More Things.

Here are the two things (as the title suggests) I have learned this week:

1. When my Morning Message starts with an example from my life, it's a better Morning Message and we have better conversations.

Subsection a) When I think about examples from my life to include in the Morning Message, I also get the opportunity to have some of that juicy reflection stuff that makes us all better people.

2. I'm concerned that when I leave a preposition at the end of a sentence I'm going to be judged for not being grammar-ly enough, but when I write the sentence properly, I'm concerned I will be judged for being too posh with my written language. For today's Morning Message, I left a preposition dangling there at the end of the sentence. We talked it over and that preposition told me he's a real daredevil and likes clinging to the edge of cliffs, so it worked out for both of us. WIN-WIN!

The Morning Message today has the goal of asking students to consider compliments and critiques they've received. I have gotten a couple of compliments this week (even some from ADMINISTRATORS!) and they empowered me. I'm confident in what I do, but it's always nice to know that what you're doing is being noticed and honored. I want to make sure students think about times they've been honored, but I also want them to actively support their peers and the people around them.

Today, they did three Go Noodle dances. It was awesome. And hilarious. And then more awesome.

Writer's Workshop: I'm really just shamelessly plugging my own favorite books at this point, so pay no attention to my questionable choices. I'm reading the follow up to I Want My Hat Back, This is Not My Hat. It's a gripping saga of a fish who has stolen a hat and must seek asylum in the ocean before its rightful owner can find him, punish him, and reclaim his hat. It's intense, you guys. The author's style is the same as yesterday's tale, so I will talk to the students about similarities in the story, the illustrations, and the writing. We'll also talk about the characterization shown in the illustrations because it's just perfect. Again with the beady eyes, Mr. Klassen!

Reader's Workshop: So you know how I've been talking about how I'm super great and awesome the past two weeks, and you've been rolling your eyes thinking, she thinks she's so great... Well, you've been vindicated. I was planning to read a book called The Three Questions, which is inspired by Leo Tolstoy and some philosophical questions he posed. The book is about a boy who wants to be a good person and wants answers to THE THREE QUESTIONS: What is the best time to do things?; Who is the most important one?; and What is the right thing to do? He asks his friends and even a wise old turtle named Leo (hey!) but he only discovers the answers to these questions through action and reflection. It would have been perfect, right? Well, I put it on hold at the library two and half weeks ago and it's been in transit since then and it didn't come in time. And I didn't plan for this eventuality because I'm a hopeless believer in the expediency of the Chicago Public Libraries. So the point is... I don't have the book. However, I may get it eventually and read it to the group then. Right? IT COULD HAPPEN! So today we'll just move right on into our reading time and try to ignore my irresponsibility. If you want to know more, check out the Amazon page where I could have ordered the book like I did with The Invisible Boy, but didn't because I'm a bum.

What Miss Bolte is Reading: I have 112 pages to go! I might finish that today but I'm going to have dinner and see a movie (The Lobster) with a friend tonight, so we'll see how my timing goes. Aren't you so excited to hear me talk about any other book but this one? Soon, my friends... soon.

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