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Remember my theory about how working for a short amount of time and then filling your day with activities makes the day and therefore the week seem longer? Well I'm already confused about why it's only Tuesday! I read a ton of pages yesterday in my book (I'm ahead of my reading schedule!), walked the doge, watched the newest episode of Preacher (so good), rearranged the storage closet (that I've been meaning to do for about four months), and made dinner! I went to bed and woke expecting it to be at LEAST Thursday, but no! Tuesday.

It makes sense, then, that the students will be talking about getting what you want today, as I am stuck in a conundrum of getting what I want (it being Friday) and enjoying my summer! I'm also interested in hearing some tips from some crafty kids...

Yeah. I also put some ice cream on that message.

Writer's Workshop: I chose the two books for Writer's and Reader's Workshop because they both fit this theme. As a side coincidence, they both involve animals writing letters. My focus in Writer's Workshop will be in talking about Point of View. I plan to connect this point of view exercise with the book from yesterday (We Are in a Book). In Dear Mrs. LaRue: Letters From Obedience School, poor Ike gets sent to obedience school based on some bad behavior. What he says to his owner and what actually happens are at odds, however. It is a an awesome book to show students how to communicate various messages.

We also talked about how the letters move the story along and thought of the story The Gardener, which all of these students read in third grade. It's a similar format in which a girl writes letters home and tells what is going on where she is.

Reader's Workshop: Animals are clever you guys. I think the main lesson you can take away from Click, Clack, Moo is DON'T GIVE TYPEWRITER'S TO COWS! Or... be a kind farmer? This book is hilarious, most kids have read it, and it's quick and easy. I like that they're standing up for themselves and form a "union." I also like that they stick to their message and stay focused. I think these are all really good lessons for communicators wrapped in a funny and lighthearted book.

What Miss Bolte is Reading: I'm working my way through The Bone Clocks. Here was the plan: 625 pages, 10 days, 63-ish pages per day and I should be done. I am currently on page 253 at the beginning of Day 3, so I am now 127 pages ahead of schedule, which is two days' reading ahead of schedule. MATH! I'm both feeling proud of my progress and also marveling at how a good book can make reading go by so effortlessly. So far, I recommend this book. It has five sections (I'm in the third section now) with a different character giving first person narration in each one (POINT OF VIEWWWWW!!!!!) similar to Cloud Atlas. These characters, however, are all literally connected in the story. There's an engaging main plot that's realistic, but there is an undercurrent of a fantasy element that is weaving through letting the reader know that SOMETHING is afoot. I just haven't quite figured it out yet. I like that the fantasy elements aren't driving the plot, though. It's a good story without that and it's only adding more mystery and intrigue!

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