Week Two Begins!

Last night, I was having some anxiety about waking up in time for work. There's no real reason for me to experience this kind of anxiety other than the fact that I'm just always looking for some way to make my life harder for myself than it has to be. At 3:30 AM I check my watch to discover I had two and a half hours left for sleep, which is a beautiful gift. I then immediately fell into the most anxiety inducing dream I'd ever had. I was in a car with three other people who were presumably my friends being driven around by one of the moms from the ballet documentary, First Position. She was driving us around the Stanford University campus to drop us off after a long road trip but she keeps driving around, unable to figure out where to drop us off. Meanwhile, I've already got an Uber on the way so I'm nervous about being late for that. She's driving slowly and getting upset because we're all yelling at her to figure it out (not very kind of us!). The guy next to me was an app developer (What?!) and wanted to check my phone for his app so he grabbed it out of my hands. I called him a "Grabby MaGoo" and took it back.

The next dream was about me getting ready and putting on make up. I had on blue blush, but it was a little bit oddly placed and then I kept getting it on my nose and forehead, where it clearly didn't belong.

I'm getting anxious just relaying these stories to you! At the end of the day, I think I'm a little worried about summer school this year because it's all new and I want to make sure it's a good program for the kids. They're doing great, though, so I really need to just chill out. Of course, say that to any innately anxious person and see how far that gets you!

For morning meeting, the students are going to talk about communication and how that contributes to leadership. I think this is really important given my experiences early this morning. While the students will be talking about communicating with one another, it is also very important to be in touch with yourself and be able to honestly have conversations with yourself (out loud or otherwise) in which you can figure out where your mind is. I was clearly overwhelmed and caught up in a tailspin and if I wasn't willing to figure it out with myself, that would have continued to build and build and explode. It's not to say I'll never have another set of dreams like that, but at least I'm being more mindful when I wake up instead of brushing them aside. My brain was trying to tell me something so I'm listening!

Writer's Workshop: I. Love. This. Book. Elephant and Piggie are some of my favorite book characters. They have a good friendship and support one another. In this book they talk to the audience ("The Reader"). I want to show students about how the characters and "breaking the fourth wall" and talking directly to them in this book. It's a fun technique that adds a lot of humor to this story. And just because I'm tricky, it also has some great examples of communication. They are talking to one another - specifically Piggie trying to talk Gerald down from his panic over the ending of the book and further, with their interaction with the audience. Fun! The book is also a series with the same characters in each book, which is something the kids seem to like and use in their own writing.

Reader's Workshop: We're reading a classic tale of communication: Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse. Lilly gets upset with her great teacher about how he handles her issue with her purse and she draws a very unflattering picture of him, which he finds. Her teacher handles it beautifully and talks to her about having a better day next time. Lilly apologizes and tries to make it right. I like this because you see the teacher making a very mature decision (as you'd hope - he's the adult!) and Lilly learning from him. I like that he doesn't yell at her even though what he saw was probably hurtful. He's aware enough to think about things from her perspective.

What Miss Bolte is Reading: I ONLY HAVE 9 DAYS LEFT TO FINISH THIS BOOK! I tried to renew all my library books yesterday and this is the only one that wouldn't renew because someone else in the world has the same taste as me and wants to read it! Bummer! (Maybe some of my anxiety is coming from there, too?) It's a fantasy story by the same author that wrote Cloud Atlas called The Bone Clocks. So far, it's very cool. The main character is this snarky British girl who is interested in typical teenage things while all around and IN her is a battle with these other fantasy characters. I've made it through 80 pages so far of 625. I just have to keep up the pace!

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