It's Still Only Week One?

Perhaps the problem with having a shorter day is that you can fill in the extra time in your day with many activities making the day seem so much longer so that by the time Thursday rolls around you think it's August. I'm not saying I don't want to be here, I'm just saying I'd rather be on the beach not setting an alarm.

I'm a bit distracted this morning because there is a cell phone vibrating in this room SOMEWHERE and I don't know where it is and I have things to take care of this morning, which means I can't go searching for it. It's creating a real dilemma for me because on the one hand I love a good mystery and on the other hand RESPONSIBILITY!

Today we're moving more into a focus of working in a group. Our game will be students tying themselves in a giant knot and them getting out of it without letting go of any hands. I think it's going to be magical. Don't worry. I'll take pictures. UPDATE: It. Was. Hilarious. They were also very aware of how much better the activity worked towards the end when they were cooperating together and not just trying to figure it out for themselves! Good lesson!

Writer's Workshop: I'm reading Swap! today by Steve Light.


It's such a cute story about a boy and his pirate friend who are switching out items in order to get better things as they go. It's short without a lot of words, so we'll have a lot of conversation about what's happening in the pictures and how authors can tell stories with limited words. I think that will appeal to some students who aren't as comfortable sharing or writing. The kids immediately noticed how the illustrations in this book were like the ones in Invisible Boy because some drawings are just black and white and certain things have color in order to emphasize them. I showed them A Sick Day for Amos McGee and showed them how that was alike, too! They're such good thinkers!

Reader's Workshop: We're reading Sam and Dave Dig a Hole by Mac Barnett. The truth: I picked this book by its cover. I know we tell kids not to do that, but isn't that the whole point of graphic design and artistry? And aren't we demeaning their hard work and effort by not following visual cues? DON'T JUDGE ME! It's a cute story about two boys who are digging for, presumably, treasure, but they keep going to wrong direction and missing the giant gems. However, in the end, they've worked together and had a good day together, so were they really unsuccessful? It was interesting to hear what the kids thought about whether or not Sam and Dave had found something SPECTACULAR, or whether or not they worked well together. It was a good conversation starter. Plus --


Plus, it's illustrated by Jon Klassen who is one of my favorite illustrators currently, so I like to show off his books. There will at least be three other books graced by his artistic hands during this summer session, so look out!

What Miss Bolte is reading: I'm going to keep reading my vocabulary book at school. In real life at home, I started reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman, but I want to read this professional book and I know I won't do it while I'm laying in my hammock on the back porch, so I will be reading this book for the next few days during our silent reading time. I will also be using my brand new erasable highlighters. Yeah... that's right. Erasable. They're the Frixion brand and they're perfect. I already have erasable gel pens and markers, so this was the logical next step for me. The next step for them is erasable Sharpies. Work on it!

UPDATE: I found THE PHONE but do I answer it and let the person on the other end know it's safe or do I not answer because I'm a chicken and I hate talking on the phone? To be continued...

UPDATE UPDATE: The phone stopped buzzing and the girl got it. NO MORE BUZZING!

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