Nap Time?

Yesterday at summer school breakfast, my students and I discussed the merits of starting a Napping Club for summer school next year. IT WAS ONLY THE FIRST DAY!

This morning, my alarm went off 30 minutes later than yesterday. In my dream, I had a conversation about how my alarm shouldn't be going off at all because I'm on break. It was all a lie. A dream lie. Which is the worst kind of lie because you told it to yourself.

Here I am. Two days in. Only... 17 to go.

My morning message today was an extension of what we did yesterday. I wanted to ask students about feelings they have had of being left out, but I also wanted to bring up the other side of the coin because I think that's where they can start to make differences in their own understanding of leadership. I also brought this up in their morning journal topic to get them thinking about it.

Writer's Workshop: I wanted to start with some fun ideas for students about rhyming and rhythm in their writing. Most of my students were ready to write down their ideas yesterday and excited about the chance to write on their own. For this summer, I'm hoping to help them observe and notice things in the writing they read that will spark their own creative ideas. The next few books will deal with rhyme and rhythm so that they have a good mix of examples. I'm also leaving all the books up front so that students can refer back to them or just have reminder at the front of the room. Even better - this book, Rosie Revere Engineer by Andrea Beaty, is about a girl who builds and invents things and wants to make something for her Great Great Aunt (Rose the Riveter!). She struggles to make it happen but keeps working through her problems instead of giving up with the help of her Aunt Rosie. (Hooray sneaky leadership lessons!)

Reader's Workshop: The invisible Boy was so popular at the library I couldn't get a copy for myself so I had to buy it!! It's about a boy who is ignored at school and has essentially become invisible, but he is kind to a new student and slowly starts to become more visible both figuratively and literally. It's a cute story that shows students that even if you're not mean about not including everyone, it can still have a lasting effect on the person.

What Miss Bolte is Reading: This is the fourth volume of a comic/graphic novel called The Sword by the Luna Brothers. It's pretty cool. I read a couple of different graphic novel compilations and I wanted to show students a different genre that readers in real life read. This is not a book for kids, so I will just talk about the book with them - not pass it around. I'm no dummy. :)

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