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I work with struggling readers everyday. These are students who have trouble decoding, reading fluently, and understanding the text. Some of these students just need a boost in reading to catch up and some of these students will need reading support or other learning support services long term. I realize that my students aren't always accessing more complicated texts on their own.

However, this does not stop me from introducing complex content with them because I think they have right to exposure in a safe setting with ample support - something that can't be done easily in a whole class setting. Enter small group instruction and ME! I think it really comes down to my inability to get out of the "teaching high school" mentality and my over exuberance for trying hard stuff with my kids.

My latest endeavor is RHETORICAL APPEALS because I'm NUTS!

Here's the thing, though. Even though the vocabulary was difficult, we worked through it and discussed the reading in order to have a basic understanding of ethos, pathos, and logos. And guess what? They're getting it!

Especially my friend "J," who always adds dramatic flair to our work.

Here's how she remembers ethos, pathos, and logos:

"Ethos - that sounds like 'eat those,' which is something your doctor would tell you to do and you believe him because he's your doctor."

"Pathos - that sounds like PASSION," at which point she *poses*, "and that's emotions and feelings."

"Logos - like Legos! They're pieces that build something like proof."

She always impresses me with her ability to think deeply about a topic. With the support of small group instruction, she is able to get to these big ideas, whereas in a whole group setting she falls behind and gets lost. Small group has been a huge benefit for her!

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