Responding to Literature

We’re using Reader’s Response Notebooks and I’m getting comfortable organizing our notes and ideas. We tried out using a Reader’s Response Two-Sided Journal Entry for our thinking in the short story “Boar Out There” by Cynthia Rylant (from her book Every Living Thing, Simon and Schuster, 1985). We used our annotation marks to track our thinking through the text (the students did this on their own and we checked in about four times throughout the story to make sure everyone understood the story and was on the right track). At the end, they chose one quote that stood out to them in particular (all they had to do was review where they underlined and made annotations) and write their own responses.

While I would hope that in the future the responses are more complex and deep, I think the kids did a really good job of using the text and responding to just that section. They used their annotation marks in order to make choices about which quote to write on and what to include.

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