Fantastic Fonts

I'm a sucker for adorable fonts, but even I realize that it's sometimes hard for my students to read the "cutesy" fonts I use. Luckily, I wasn't the only one bored with the typical fonts, but looking for something easy to read.

A new font has been developed that is intended to make reading for people with dyslexia easier. It’s called Dyslexie and the letters are formed differently so that common mix-ups (such as b, d, p, q) don’t occur. Also, the letters are spaced apart so they are easier to read.

I’ve started using this font on all the documents I produce for kids as well as in the powerpoints I use. The site will send you a one-time use link to download and install the font on your computer. As long as you’re not using the font for a commercial venture it remains free to use.

There’s also a long section at the bottom of the homepage with tips on how to set up documents in order to make reading easier using the fonts.

I love it! I recommend it! I use it!


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