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One of my favorite things about teaching reading is the chance to read books I really LOVE with my students. However, as a Reading Specialist, I often end up following a guided curriculum program or choosing nonfiction articles that align with the curriculum of the students' classrooms to support their learning. It's great, and I love my job, but I have the opportunity in a couple of weeks to do a book study with my 8th graders ans I'm getting REALLY excited.

I've chosen to read the book Love That Dog by Sharon Creech. It's written from the perspective of a young boy who is writing in his journal (to his teacher) about his experiences learning about poetry in her classroom. The whole book is written in a poetic form, which is adorable because from the beginning, Jack (the main character) tells us that poetry is for girls (which he thinks is a bad thing).

I've decided that when I teach this book, I'm going to teach the poems Jack reads as well and have the students write their own experiences about learning poetry as we read. I'm trying to help them make a connection to the character, but also expose them to poetry that they wouldn't pick up on their own. I remember reading "The Red Wheelbarrow" for the first time and thinking, this is ridiculous. As a lover of all things literature now, I can read this poem with new eyes and an appreciation for its simplicity.

We'll start the unit off with an anticipation guide to get the kids thinking about their thoughts on different topics.

Love That Dog Anticipation Guide-page-001.jpg

I've typed each of the poems out (except for the concrete poem for which I pasted a picture) and added guides to help the students including pictures for tough vocabulary words or guided summaries of the really difficult poems.

The Pasture-page-001.jpg

The Pasture-page-002.jpg

Both of these documents are available free for you to download from Google Drive. Just click the picture and it will take you to the page.

As I create more items for this text, I will save them to Google Drive and leave a note here for you to check them out!

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