Organizing Characterization Evidence

A super easy way to get kids started with finding and organizing evidence is to collect characterization evidence. They find quotes telling you what the character does, says, or thinks. I like to incorporate a graphic organizer for my students to help them connect their evidence to what it is (what the character says, what the character thinks, etc.).

I’ve included a link to the graphic organizer I like to use in Google Drive where you can download it. I used the FAST model (feelings, actions, sayings, and thoughts). I talk to students about how in a biography, we’re going to find more actions and sayings, whereas in a memoir, we will find more feelings and thoughts. This graphic organizer has the feelings and thoughts sections made smaller because we read biographies more often but I may make changes over time to either even everything out or make one for memoirs and one for biographies to reflect the differences in these genres.


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