Five Day Lesson Plan for Layered Texts - DAY FIVE

DAY FIVE: Essential Question Shared Writing

Remind students about the work they did yesterday in their books and re-introduce the big/essential question. Read through any stickies that have been posted as answers to the question. You can read them aloud or ask the students who posted answers to come and share their answers with the class.

Tell students the group will be doing some shared writing to answer the essential/big question, how does zoology help the world around us? Explain that first you will look through the ideas that have been posted with stickies and decide on the best evidence. Then you will write a short response together.

Out of the Lab: Extreme Jobs in Science Zoologists and Ecologists by Ruth Owen

Pull out three of the student responses that have the most coherent answers to the question and have students vote on which answer seems like the best answer to the question. This might be a good time to talk about what makes an answer the best – there may be many correct answers but one that does the best job of answering the question and giving support.

Flip the question and write the topic sentence. Depending on how much work you’ve done with flipping the question, you may have different plans. For this lesson, we will assume that the students have practiced flipping the question. Have students Think-Pair-Share their ideas for the first sentence and then have a few students share what they talked about in their partnerships. Choose one and write that on either a large piece of chart paper, a document camera, or the board.

Remind students about the evidence they chose to use for the answer and ask students to Think-Pair-Share how to turn that piece of evidence into the next sentence. I have sentence starters in my classroom which the students are comfortable using. I may give students in this setting some time to think through their ideas on their own. Have a few students share their responses and pick one to write on the board.

Students should think about how they answered this question in a group and how they might use the information from their partner/small group books. Pass out sticky notes to write down the following question: How does zoology help the world around us? Remind students what you did as a group to answer the question.

Release students to their partnerships (or small groups) with their sticky notes ready to go. They should get started partner reading their books and talking about their answers to the question with one another.

Science Vocabulary Readers (Scholastic) Powerful Polar Bears by Elizabeth Bennet

Time for Kids Bats! by Nicole Iorio

National Geographic Kids Frogs! by Elizabeth Carney

Wiggling Worms at Work by Wendy Pfeffer

Meet back for five minutes and let a few students share their ideas about the question with explanations from the book.

Students should return their partner (or small group) book to their book bins. They have the option to read this book later in the day for No Agenda Reading if they would like.

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