About the Author:

I started this blog because I was having great conversations with my friends and colleagues on education. This is an opportunity to extend the conversation to a wider audience, offer tips and ideas, and comment on research and public opinion. As a confident educator, I'm excited about learning from others, trying new things (and sometimes failing), and fine-tuning my practice as I go along. This blog is a chance to catalog the hits and misses, the ideas, and the changes.


I was inspired by a couple of amazing English teachers growing up, who showed me that teaching was fun and intellectual. As a high school English teacher, I met incredible people who were examples of the kind of teacher I wanted (and still want) to be. I had fun teaching literature and analyzing texts, but there was another side of me that was interested in the data and research of education, which is why I pursued my Masters Degree and became a Reading Specialist. I now work with struggling readers in small intervention groups. Research and collaboration have interested me, so I transferred that into my professional development presentations working with teachers to apply new knowledge in manageable and effective ways.